School just wasn’t my thing

Not everyone is cut out for organized education… right?!?

School just wasn’t my thing. It’s not that I wasn’t smart; in fact in a 9th grade overall aptitude test that was given, I tested in the top 20 of my entire freshman class. So it wasn’t lack of brains. I was clearly intelligent. I just didn’t give a shit.
If you subscribed to Astrological Stereotypes, then you will understand me when I say that my inner Gemini was just bored. A social butterfly who always wanted to be everywhere and involved in everything. My naturally curious nature wasn’t naturally curious about learning school things. In my adolescent mind, high school was all stuff that I would never use as an adult, so I just didn’t see a need for it. 

Now partying was another story. I started smoking pot and experimenting with other drugs my 9th grade year. Smoking pot made me so happy and it made life and everything in it SO funny! I was never much of a drinker, but I did experiment with cocaine (which I loved) and LSD (which I did not love at all. So I was a student of socializing and was convinced that it would do me more good in life to be versed in this subject. 

My highest GPA, my 9th grade year was a 0.5. At one point, it went down to a 0.3. I was on Academic probation for the school year and lost my ability to be the only freshman to be on the Varsity volleyball team. But I didn’t really care. I never showed up to practice and showed up late to every game. But I was better than the team combined because I had been playing Club Volleyball for several years prior. 

I also ended up on Disciplinary probation after being caught several times around the corner from school early mornings with my friends smoking cigarettes in our uniforms. I didn’t care about that either. 

It’s crazy because when I brought home report cards with D’s and F’s (ironically, my highest scoring subject was Religion. I maintained a B average throughout the year), my parents never seemed to care. I never was grounded for bad grades, never got in trouble… it was just like they weren’t surprised nor were they concerned. Looking back, I wish they would have put me on lockdown and smacked my ass into shape. There were no consequences. Ever. So I got bad grades and ran away from home every weekend. Life was GREAT!!

At the end of that school year, I was asked not to return to that school and I was also told I would have to complete a second year of 9th grade. I begged and pleaded with them to let me stay, but supposedly it wouldn’t be a good idea to hold me back while my peers advanced. (Read: You’re a pain in the ass and we’re tired of dealing with you.)

Rather than planning on attending summer school and figuring out where I would be attending next year, my life came to a screeching halt. It was known as Club Ingleside. My life was put on pause. 

This is pretty much the only schooling I would receive for the rest of my teenage years.

Author: Autumn Delaney

A screwed up girl in an even more screwed up world...

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