10 Days

Certain days she would wake up and that 10 days would be in her mind the entire day. It could be because of a video she saw on social media, a news report, the anniversary of the first day, or certain awareness days. She never knew when it would hit, but when it did, I’d floored her for the day.

She woke up one morning and realized that 6 years had gone by… and in those 6 years, she abandoned every need of her own so that she could focus on helping her son fight his heroin addiction (enabling him and trying to control him, really..

This was her first mistake… You see, her son had no memory of the 10 days that he spent in the hospital. He wasn’t there when his mother got the phone call that he had overdosed and that she needed to come right away. He wasn’t there when she walked in and saw her child’s lifeless body laying in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of every possible place. He also wasn’t there to see her reaction when the doctors told her that she should probably call the family and start making arrangements. He had no idea that for 10 days, she slept crumbled up in a ball on a chair right next to the apparatus that slowly rotated him back and forth to break up the vomit in his lungs. He was in a coma and paralyzed for 10 days and has no memory of how close he came to dying or what his mother, or anyone, went through in that time.

She refused to leave his side for anything, despite family urging her to please go home and shower and get some rest. She didn’t want him to wake up and be alone. But he pulled through. He knew he almost died because that’s what everyone told him. He didn’t even remember finally waking up from the coma to find himself in a hospital bed with tubes in his throat and iv’s in his arms and legs. He does remember how terrified he was that he going to die. 

His mother was sure that he had learned his lesson and that he would never again risk his life by sticking needles in his arms. He would never put his family through that hell again. Things would be different now. He was given a chance at life and was going to make the most of it. 

But they weren’t the lucky family. They weren’t the ones who overcame the addiction. He wasn’t the one who learned his lesson and his mother wasn’t the one who was able to put it all behind her. 

Author: Autumn Delaney

A screwed up girl in an even more screwed up world...

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