Books that I gift to you…

These books have helped me in many ways and I would love to share them in hopes that they will help someone else…

A recent conversation with a fellow blogger has made me think that I would love to share good books I have read and hopefully get great recommendations for books I SHOULD read. I am currently doing The Alchemist on, since my anxiety makes it difficult for me to focus enough to actually READ a book. 

So here is my list:

  • Who Moved my Cheese (Easy read by Spencer Johnson and is a simple book on how to deal with change in your life. It’s a fable that can be read in 45 minutes about 2 mice and 2 men trying to find “cheese” {a metaphor for anything that is important to you in life like career, relationships, success, money, etc} in a maze {life})
  • Surfing the Himalayas (about a man who goes on a snowboarding journey seeking a spiritual experience and meets a Buddhist monk who takes him on as a student and helps enlighten him on life and many other things)
  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior (Dan Millman, later made into a movie, but the book is superb and I literally couldn’t put it down when I started reading it)
  • Many Lives, Many Masters (VERY powerful book that changed the way I think about death and my fear of it, as well as the people in my life and the role they play and have played on the past)
  • Only Love is Real (this and above book by Brian L Weiss)

I would love to know if any of you have read any of these books, and also if you have any good reads to recommend. 

I hope to get a dialogue going on the book topic because books can be so helpful in so many way. 

Lastly, if you like or appreciate any of my writing, please follow my blog. It would be greatly appreciated. 


Author: Autumn Delaney

A screwed up girl in an even more screwed up world...

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