So tired of fighting 

I have no common sense and I’m irresponsible is what I kept hearing last night, screamed in my ear and also for all of the neighbors to hear. I told her she was acting like a 12 year old. Telling me they’re HER doors and she can slam them if she wants to. So more reminders that this is HER house. She hits me twice, the picks up stuff from my room and throws it around. My room is trashed. She told me she would call social services and report me for elder abuse. And lastly… I got kicked out. Again.

She told me to remember this when she’s dead and not to cry for her. She wasn’t even making sense. She was in a fit of rage. 

This is the sad part. We were with family having dinner. They live across the street and we see them daily. Close family. Well after dinner I got a message about my job and that due to my disability, they had replaced me. So I got rightfully upset and was going jack and forth via text with the person who had told me. Bring the crazy lady she is, she interrupts the conversation to tell me to get off my phone! She’s right. I should have excused myself, but it was family talking about how Jennifer’s boobs stick out in her Halloween costume, and how my aunt had a Monkey on her shoulder that everyone was spanking. She was a pirate. Nothing important. But it was SUCH a huge issue to my mother. So I finally asked for her keys and told her I was going home and that she could call when she was ready and I would come get her. But instead she said, No I guess I’ll just have to leave too. Then she was hugging everyone and apologizing for me ruining dinner. Literally … no one cared. It was a big deal because she made it a big deal. Msocnow we aren’t speaking, she’s hot ke, called me names, threatened kevandcmy well-being and then ultimately told me to move out. She is unable to take responsibility for her actions. Ever. The whole thing was MY fault. I have no trouble owning my shit. Ever. But she can’t do it. 

Not to mention, my job status is in limbo.

So I have no idea what’s gonna happen with me next… but please keep me in your thoughts.

Author: Autumn Delaney

A screwed up girl in an even more screwed up world...

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